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Air rifles

The reason why you study tourism at college

Generally speaking, you can easily find part-time job opportunities in the industry, such as travel and tourism industry. It is because there are so many types of visitor establishments and attractions. While you are studying at college, it is easy to combine part-time job.

You can also have many opportunities for voluntary work, and it should be a good option. Especially if it means gaining experience in the field where job opportunities more scarce.

As another option, you can also check summer work experience, and consider spending time working abroad for your experience. It means you can work at holiday or theme parks, such as in a resort or at summer camps. Also, purchasing a student railcard should be one of the best ways. You can travel in other country, widening your cultural knowledge and language abilities. Those experience will make you better person in the future.

There are also students who are considering to take part in an exchange programme. This means you can spend some time studying abroad towards your degree. In this case, considering relevant short courses will be better. For example, TESOL or TEFL. Those can give you a opportunity to work abroad teaching English language skills.

At college, you can search for placements and find out more about work experience and internships. This must be an advantage for you to study tourism at school before start working.

You can also experience specific in-house training in the industry. This experience is often encouraged for students to enhance promotion prospects, including knowledge of particular issues.

Management skills are also relevant postgraduate study. If you are considering to workin areas such as hospitality, heritage and sustainability, this can be a requirement. Postgraduate can be very helpful for students taking specialist courses such as ecotourism or rural development.

If you want to learn general business topics such as marketing or human resources, studying at college should be relevant and can be applied across various disciplines. If you are interested in those courses, I recommend you to check masters degrees or postgraduate courses for further information.

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